———— Amateur Radio Emergency Service  ———-

ARES is a group of Amateur Radio operators who volunteer their time, skills and equipment for public service in the event of a emergencies or disaster. The SMC ARES mission is:

To hone our communication skills and train for interaction with other agencies in response to a disaster or emergency.

St. Mary’s County ARES falls under the Maryland-DC Section (of the Atlantic Division)

———— SMC ARES  ———-

The group holds a net twice a month to discuss upcoming events and practice passing/copying message traffic. Exercises are held twice a year to practice simulated emergency response by mobilizing and performing emergency communication within St Mary’s county. You don’t have to be a member to participate in the Nets or Exercises.

If you are interested in joining fill out the ARES Registration Form and submit it to:

St. Mary’s County ARES net Day-Time-Location / Repeater:

  • Days: The SMC ARES Group meets on 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month
  • Time: 1930 Local
  • Repeater:
    • 147.195 (+ Offset) PL 156.7
    • 147.390 (+ Offset) PL 123.0 – Backup repeater
  • Keep an eye out here and on the reflector for changes in Day, Time or Repeater.
  • Check the SMCAMA Event Calendar for upcoming SMC ARES Exercises

Local Contacts:

  • St. Mary’s County ARES Coordinator
  • St. Mary’s County assistant ARES Coordinator

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