CARA Schedule 2023

The following is from an email received from Erik, KC3QQD:

I just wanted to share the Calvert club schedule for 2023 with you so that you will know

I would like to have a presentation on SkyWarn at some point. Our Auxcom (ARES) group has meetings the 3rd Wednesdays and I do not know about the presentation schedule. I would like for the club to do a public service event, but I am not sure what or when that will be.

Meetings are on the second Thursdays:

2023 Meeting Presentation Schedule
Jan – Business Meeting
Feb – Parks on the Air – Erik – KC3QQD
Mar – POTA Antennas – Dale KC3RKP  
April – Business Meeting
May – PSK – Dave KB3RAN
June – Open …… Field Day Overview
July – Business Meeting
Aug – Open
Sept – Open
Oct – Business Meeting
Nov – Open – Elections

Events for 2023
Jan – Winter Field Day – Dale KC3RKP and Andy KC3WRX
Feb – STEM day at Calvert High School
Mar – OPEN
April – NVIS Day – Dave KB3RAN – Shawn N3AE
May – OPEN
June – Field Day – Dale KC3RKP – Dave W3PQS
July – OPEN
AUG – MDC QSO Party – Andy KC3WRX
AUG – Lighthouse weekend  
SEP – Fox Hunt – Lunch
DEC – Christmas Party