CW Learning Opportunity

Good afternoon all. Net control stations, if you could pass this info out
with your net announcement for a couple weeks, that would be awesome!!

Bob Gebeaux, KA3OCS from across the river in Montross, VA, has an offer to
pass along.

He will be on 80M CW around 3550 or 3549 depending on qrn (noise) at 7 pm each night. Look up and down, he will also listen on the two meter network to coordinate if needed.  That would be the 350, 895, or 745 machines.  I will also be trying to get on at the same time and Freq.  

Remember if you need one of us to slow down, just send QRS.

I will also offer out my time and help, to anyone interested in working on
their code.  I can point you in good directions for learning tools, and can
operate with you at 5 WPM if that is what you are at.  Let me know and we
can schedule to meet up on HF and send some code. 

Jason Rearick, N3YUG

Click on link below for a printable PDF with helpful CW hints from Jason: