Field day Food items and Attendees

Club provided field day food list

Attendees and Food item list

I will update the following list with other items that will be provided as I receive them.

N1LID Boz – Watermelon
KC3GYL June – coffee supplies and assorted pastries for morning crew.
will also bring cookies of some type.
KA3WAP Steve +1 – Potato salad
WA3ZGD John J (+9 tentatively CAP seniors and cadets) – Super dogs from Costco
W3GYT Walter Rupp +1 – Macaroni and cheese
W4OKW Tom Clarke +1– Bean Dip
KC3FHU Brian (M1WPB)
N3DJC Dave – Vegetable tray
KC3ERI Chris
ND3N Tom +1 – dessert
AJ3U AJ Farmer will be there for morning set up, but not dinner
NA6RS Ron Surfield
N3NV Jim Smith – Baked Beans
K3IH Gary Ramon – tentative attendee
KB1YZ Jim Forest – drinks

AB3XA Craig Bigler and KB3WJM Bob Morehouse will be running a late night CW radio.

Attendee count as of 06-12 is 19, but that is not including the CAP non club seniors and cadets.

Ideas for things to bring:


Chicken nuggets (from any of the chicken chains around town)

Regular Salad (many stores have them premade)

Macaroni Salad

Corn casserole

Corn on the cob (can be heated in a crock pot)