Field Day 2021

CQ Field Day CQ Field Day CQ Field Day

New HAMs, Old HAMs or Yet-to-be HAMs --- All are welcome. 
This is a family friendly event. If you are interested in Amateur (HAM) Radio and would like to find out where to start, this is the place.
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This year’s Field Day falls on the weekend of 26-27 June.
Thanks to John (AC3FE) we will be Field Day at his place.  THANK YOU!!!

SMCARA FIELD DAY; June 26-27 2021

  • Location: John, AC3FE QTH: 17359 Goddards Lane, Piney Point
  • Setup taking place Saturday, 6/26 starting at 0900
  • Will be monitoring the 146.640 repeater during the event
  • If you your name is not on the list of hams attending, or if you are bringing a guest, please let me know so we can get a head count for food

Equipment/gear Coming:

  • Tables and chairs from the PAX River NAS
  • Radio gear from the PAX River NAS
    • Four HF radios: IC746, IC735, IC751A, and IC725
    • Two power supplies
    • A combo 10/15/20 band pass filter
    • Separate 20 & 40M band pass filters
    • Vertical antenna (possible)
  • All needed paper plates, cups, etc
  • Two 10X10 screened in canopies
  • John, AC3FE is providing the FD site, G5RV antenna, off center-fed dipole antenna, and a grill
  • Rachel, KF7AWC will be in charge of food for the weekend and is bringing a grill
  • Chris, KB2SKP and Rachel, KF7AWC are providing a generator
  • Jon, N3AK is providing 80M dipole, truck with lift-gate and a second generator
  • Jim, KB1YZ is providing a tarp, 36’ good mast and a trailer
  • 3 logging computers running N3FJP and networked together

Hams Attending as of 6/20/21 (I’m sure I’m missing a few people):

  • KA3WAP is a possible as of now

Equipment Still Needed for Sat morning:

  • Another couple masts for the dipoles
  • Another tarp or two
  • Multiple runs of coax
  • A couple more power supplies to power 100W HF radios
  • Lamps (preferably with yellow bulbs to help keep the bugs away)
  • Extension cords and power strips
  • Gas can for generator fuel
  • Multiple antenna adapters and connectors
  • Radio and antenna for six meters
  • 80M band pass filter
  • Anything else you can think of that I’m missing

Planning: Most of the planning is being done during the K3HKI Tuesday Night net at 1930 on the 146.640 repeater (- offset) (PL 146.2). If plan to bring something or would like to volunteer to do something, please check into the nets or you can email:

  • Rob N20MC (
  • Jon N3AK (

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