Solar Battery Presentation

A big thank you to Jeff Humbert, KB3SPH, Activities Manager of the Charles County Amateur Radio Club, for sharing his knowledge with SMCARA at our January 24, 2019 meeting. Please enjoy the photos, and links to items discussed and his power point presentation.

Here are some links to sources of comparable equipment from Jeff:

Solar Panel:

Amazon Site:  RENOGY® Foldable Solar Suitcase Kit 100W Mono Without Charge Controller  

Renogy Site:

Note: Some models of the above panels can be purchased with or without a charge controller included.

Charge Controller:

The Renogy Wanderer – 30A PWM Charge Controller   


Deep cycle sealed lead acid battery –

MC-4 Conversion:

Use these to convert the MC-4 connectors on the solar panel to PowerPoles, to be able to add fuses and meters inline:


Fuse Holders:

Cut and put PowerPoles on them); they take auto blade fuses:

To Preview Power Point Presentation click following link:

Right click on the Solar-Presentation and  select “save link as” and you can download a copy.