K3HKI Winlink Wednesday Digital Network

Everyone is invited to check into the K3HKI Winlink Wednesday Digital Network (WWDN).  The purpose of this is to learn and hone skills associated with Winlink and other digital modes.

This exercise will be conducted weekly on Wednesday. If you wish to participate see Subscribe/Unsubscribe below. Reminders and details specifics to the following WWDN will be sent to participants on Tuesday. If no reminder notice is sent, then use the default “Winlink Check In” form to send a messages to callsign “K3HKI“. This is being coordinated by the SMCARA ARES group but you do not have to be a member to participate.

Default callsign is K3HKI

Default form is Winlink Check In and can be found in Template Manager / GENERAL Forms /

Getting Started

What is Winlnk and where can I get it?

It is best to learn about it from the source but at its core Winlink is a global email service that works with IP (Telnet) and RF.  To download and learn more about Winlink go to winlink.org.

Download and setup

  • Download from downloads.winlink.org and Install
  • Setup account. Your account is set up the first time you open and configure your Winlink client.
    • Open Winlink and go to Settings/Winlink Express Setup…
    • Enter your callsign, email address and password (this is a new password you are setting for the first time, make note of it)
    • It may ask you other basic information like your name, general location and grid square.
    • You may get a conformation email
  • After setting up you can log in to your account online at winlink.org/user but is not necessary
  • Send test message to K3HKI. There is no automatic response but this is check multiple times a week. For a quicker response coordinate with someone already using Winlink.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to K3HKI Winlink Wednesday Digital Net

Participants will receive instructions each week by Wednesday morning, normally Tuesday evening. To be a participant, simply send a Winlink message to “K3HKI” with “K3HKI WWDN Subscribe” in the subject line. You will remain on the participants list until you unsubscribe.

  • To: K3HKI
  • Subject: K3HKI WWDN Subscribe

To unsubscribe send the same message with unsubscribe

The K3HKI club callsign for Winlink is accessible by N2OMC, KB2SKP and N3AK.