SMCARA Monthly Meeting

The SMCARA Monthly Meeting was held on 5/27/2021

The meeting was scheduled for 1930 but due to technical issues with Zoom it didn’t start until around 2000. The main topic discussed was Field Day 2021.

  • Field Day 2021:
    • Field Day location is the main hurdle this year. The Hollywood Fire Department and the PAX Museum will not able to host the event so the club is looking for alternatives. If anyone has a location or an idea, please contact one of the club officers. The club is pursuing one possibility and will post information about this as soon as it is available. Keep watch on Field Day 2012 in the event calendar.
    • If someone would like to step up as the coordinator, please contact Rob Hoyt (N2OMC) or Pete Butt (WA3UMY)
    • Field Day discussion will continue each Tuesday Net leading up to Field Day on the 146.640 repeater.
  • Working Party – 12 June
    • Looking for a few people to assist pulling cables at the museum. It will involve some ladder work. Last word was that it was starting at 0900 but keep an eye on the Working Party @ Pax Museum in event calendar for changes.
  • K3HIK Trailer
    • Question regarding the condition of the trailer and if it could be ready for Field Day.
      • Not known at this time.
    • Will discuss at the next Tuesday Net on the 146.640.